Don’t let them brainwash you…

All your life, you have been guided down pre-determined paths. Your school systems no longer teach intellectualism, they now teach conformity. Your news broadcasts have stopped using an unbiased viewpoint, and have become completely one-sided.

Needless to say, you have become rather… programmed. But a strange new virus has infected your computer, stolen your identity, wrecked your life….and opened your eyes.


Jobs (pre-virus)

In this campaign (but perhaps not those following it), you will play a human. the job you had before the virus destroyed your life will determine certain characteristics (like attribute bonuses). This is a short list of some, but if you have ideas, please message me and i will do my best to see they are added in.


Teachers have spent much of their time educating others, and therefore educating themselves. They have a high intellect and good people skills, but are often physically lacking.

Int +2 CHA +2 STR -1

Computer Programmer

Chapter 1: Becoming Insane